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Learn English Review

Why Learn English Online?

Speaking English fluently is more important than ever. It's increasingly common for businesses to have branches or manufacturing plants in different countries. Usually, the common language is English. Furthermore, students and vacationers all around the world speak English. This language from the British Isles has come closer to being a universal tongue than any other language in the world.

The rise of the English language in prominence and importance has led to the development of many online English language learning web sites. Now you can learn English in many different ways, and these methods include reading and watching videos, practicing conversation, using computer games and more. Now that students no longer need to use heavy and expensive books, you can do all this using only a personal computer.

Online language learning is superior to traditional classroom instruction and language-learning software because of its enhanced flexibility, multiple learning options and opportunities for live interaction. The best web services to help you learn English online are Englishtown, Livemocha and ESO. For more information, read our articles about learning English before choosing the web service that is best for your learning style.

Choosing an Online English Learning Website: What to Look For

The best way to learn English online depends on the student. Some people learn to speak fluently through practice and conversations with native English speakers. Other students want to understand the grammatical rules of the English language before continuing their studies by reading books and watching cultural films. Some students prefer a mixed approach and appreciate extras like flashcards, daily vocabulary hints and uninterrupted mobile access. We looked at all these facets in our review of the best online English learning websites. Consider the options below to help you find a web service for learning English that will accommodate your language-learning goals.

Quality of Instruction
Quality instruction consists of two things: the preparation of the instructors and tutors, and the available learning materials. Before you decide which English learning website you want to use, make sure that the teachers are native English speakers. Your tutors should have formal training in education or teaching English as a second language.

We recommend also that you read the syllabus and course materials to determine whether the site you're considering focuses on the areas of language acquisition you need it to. Choose a web service that fits your goals and can accommodate your current English speaking level.

Variety of Offerings
When you select your English learning web service, make sure that you can navigate the site in your native language. We've listed the languages in which the course material is taught for each site, except for sites that use a full-immersion teaching method. You also need to discover whether the site you choose offers the type of instruction you need.

Some websites offer special courses on accent reduction, resume writing, preparation for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and more. Others focus on live conversation, English for business or cultural studies.

Social Media
Social media can include forums, blogs, chat rooms, Twitter, Facebook or email. Communicating with other English learners and speakers gives you the practice you'll need to speak and understand English in real life. Look for an online English learning website that offers a variety of ways to interact with teachers and other students.

We also encourage you to choose an English learning website that uses web-conferencing software or other live communication tools such as VoIP and web cams. These features will make you feel as if you're actually in the room with your tutor. That way, he or she can help you as you struggle with the intricacies of the English language such as pronunciation, etiquette and conjugation. Often, immediate feedback from a live person will boost your learning speed dramatically.

Ease of Use
Many of the websites we reviewed are full of features and English-learning tools. Many tools can be helpful, but they can also be confusing, especially if your knowledge of English is limited. The best sites combine multiple features with a curriculum that is easy to use. Look for a site that guides you through each lesson systematically. You should also look for a site that lets you go backward and forward within the lessons to review specific concepts if you need to. Furthermore, you should look for a learning English web service that allows you access to extras without interrupting your lesson activities.

Most people want to learn English online with minimal effort and low costs. You will find that each learn English web service has good tools and instructional options. However, we recommend that you give preference to one of the many online English language learning web sites that focus on quality instruction, ease of use and live interaction.

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